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Producing a Jane Eyre Essay

August 24, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips
Producing a Jane Eyre Essay

Jane Eyre Essay

Jane Eyre is usually read in high school, and many students do not particularly care for it – after all, it takes place in 19th century England, and except for a ghost who is fully explained in the end, it is just rather a brooding novel. Sometimes, a couple of the themes are touched upon – social comment about Victorian England, for example. At the college level, however, the Jane Eyre essay will need a much more in-depth treatment of themes and the characters who portray those themes.

Possible Topics for an Essay on Jane Eyre

Here are some possible Jane Eyre questions that could be topics for in-depth analysis of the work:

  • Which of the characters portray the moral codes of Victorian England, and which defy those codes?
  • Which characters are practicing Christians vs. those who are hypocritical?
  • Given Bronte’s life, can this novel be seen as autobiographical?
  • While the Victorian Age had extremely strict moral codes, violations of these codes by men were basically overlooked and forgiven. This certainly was not the case for women. Discuss the unequal treatment of men and women during this era.
  • Compare Bronte’s treatment of Victorian society with that of Johnathan Swift

Other essay topics might relate to Jane Eyre characters:

  • Which characters live their Christianity and which are Christians in name only. For this essay, you will need to provide examples of behaviors as well as Jane Eyre quotes that are particularly relevant.
  • How is Jane Eyre somewhat like Cinderella?
  • How does Brocklehurst mis-use religion?
  • In what ways has Rochester been redeemed at the end?
  • How is Jane an early feminist? What values does she hold that are contrary to the ideal concept of the Victorian woman?

Writing Your Essay

Remember, your essay is not a book review. You are taking just one element from this novel and providing an in-depth analysis. Your introduction should state your topic clearly and provide a thesis statement. If Jane is to be seen as an early feminist, then you will need to state that you see her as such.

Your thesis statement will then be supported by strong and numerous examples from the book – both her behaviors and her words. Each body paragraph will address some aspect of her character that speaks to feminism. For example, she refuses to marry both Rochester and St. John Rivers because, in both instances, she will lose her freedom and independence.

Essay writing can be a struggle, even when you really like the topic. If, however, you like this novel no more than when you read it in high school, you are in for some drudgery. It will be very difficult to select a topic that truly interests you, and without interest, your essay will suffer both in content and quality. If you really are dreading this essay assignment, has writers who are specialists in 19th century British literature, and who are able to product an exceptional piece of writing for you.

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