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Rough drafts of an essay or term paper cannot be submitted, obviously. And when you have multiple coursework assignments all in need of editing, you are probably feeling pretty stressed. In fact, the last time you edited a research paper or a book review, the results were not that great. You missed a lot because people just tend to do that when trying to edit their own stuff.

If you are editing such simple things as a book report, or a move review, and still not getting them right, imagine how your editing will be on that research summary or case study. The longer the piece, the more chance there is for failing to find structural, grammatical, and/or coherence problems. This is why authors don’t edit their own books!

We Have Your Editors for Anything

Whether you have written an article or an article critique; whether you have finished the rough draft of a lab report or an annotated bibliography, will have the perfect editor for you. We match your piece with a writer in that subject field – someone who is a master of academic writing. S/he will review your entire piece for structural soundness, fluency, and coherency first, and make the appropriate changes. Then, the second phase kicks in – a full review for sentence structure, agreement, verb tenses, transitions, punctuation and spelling. Nothing is left undone.

And for grad students producing a thesis or dissertation, we have Ph.D. editors who will provide a full review and edit of any section or chapter, ensuring that it will meet the exceptionally high standards for these projects.

Send yall of your rough drafts to us – we can get them edited and back to you quickly!


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