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The Behavior Essay - So Many Topics; So Many Fields

July 28, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips
The Behavior Essay - So Many Topics; So Many Fields

The Behavior Essay - So Many Topics; So Many Fields

Behavior occurs among animals, atoms and molecules, and people in all environments. An essay on behavior, therefore, is a common assignment in almost any type of coursework that may be taken. If you are a student of education, psychology, sociology, biology, chemistry, physics, business, economics, history, political science, and even the fine arts, there will come a time when you will study something related to behavior. And with that study will probably come some essay and paper assignments, whether you are studying the behavior of atoms as they are collided or the behaviors of emotionally disturbed children in a classroom. To write a good behavior essay in any field, will require extensive knowledge of the subject on which the piece is written, and most assuredly some research.


Student behaviors determine an educator’s approach to teaching and learning and to classroom management. While we often think that such an appropriate classroom behavior essay relates only to student conduct, this is certainly not the case. Student behaviors also relate to how they best learn and which teaching models will have the most impact on all of the diverse learning behaviors of children in school. A classroom behavior essay, then, might have a topic of the three major learning styles – auditory, visual, and tactile-kinesthetic.


This entire field relates to mental and emotional issues that impact human behavior. Topics for writing may include a behavior change essay that reports on the impact of certain medications and/or therapy in improving patient behaviors. Likewise, a behavior modification essay may report on newer techniques since the days of Skinner that have been effective for children or teens with ADHD or OCD.

Business and Economics

Students in both of these disciplines may be asked to write a consumer behavior essay that demonstrated how marketing impacts purchases and how spending variances can impact a local or national economy in general. For students of business, there is an entire sub-field related to organizational cultures and environments, and an organizational behavior essay will most assuredly be assigned in at least one course.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Environmental Sciences

Whether you are studying the behaviors of animals whose environments are being impacted by pollution and/or global warming or the chemical changes occurring as a result of that pollution or global warming, you are researching behaviors – of both animate and inanimate things. Behavior essays in these fields will often require original research and the production of lab reports as well.

Tackling the Behavior Essay When you Have No Time

It is certainly tempting, when time is short and deadlines are looming to try and find an online site that might have a behavior essay for students to copy. Don’t take this risk! Even the most basic plagiarism software scan will detect this, and you are screwed!

If you really need some help with your behavior essay, not matter what coursework field it may be in, just let know – we can help you.

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