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The American Revolution Essay

July 14, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips
The American Revolution Essay

The American Revolution Essay

We didn’t like British rule, so we held a revolution and won. That pretty much sums up the basic understanding of the American Revolution on the part of most adults today. If you are a college student and taking an early American history course, however, it will be a more complex topic, and there are all sorts of essays and papers that may be assigned.

For example, you might be asked to write a “How revolutionary was the American revolution” essay. At first glance, this may seem like a pretty crazy topic, but, in fact, historians have lots to say about this specific topic. England, it appears, was about to “let the colonies go” anyway, because they were not the source of profit it thought they would be. There was no huge cache of great raw material like they had found in Asia and Africa. And maintaining control was getting to be expensive. So, if you have the chance to choose your topic for the American Revolution essay, you might want to explore this one.

Other Topics for an Essay or Paper

Anytime a war is studied, there will always be an essay topic on its causes. If you plan to write a Causes of the America Revolution essay, then you will need to look at the accumulating long-term causes as well as the formative, or immediate ones.

Long Term Causes

  • Early colonists came because they had religious differences with the Crown; others were criminals and debtors who were offered the chance to colonize for release from prison. These were not model citizens in England, and they were never really loyal to England
  • Life in the colonies was much more rugged than in England. To survive the colonists developed an independence of thought that did not include being ruled by a king across the ocean. Their loyalties were with themselves and their local governments.
  • England had very little desire to control the daily lives of its colonists and often turned a blind eye to their “unlawful” practices. This lead colonists to believe that England was not really that interested in rigorous control.

Short Term Causes

  • Any essay on the American Revolution will of course include the anger of the colonists over taxes which were ever increasing, as England tried to make the colonies profitable.
  • The fact that England forced the colonists to only purchase supplies and materials from the “Mother Country” was another late-term complaint – one that came to a head with the Boston Tea Party.
  • When England sent troops to attempt to control the colonists, the resentment was complete, and armed action was inevitable.

Other interesting topics include those related to the similarities and differences between the American and French Revolutions, the French Revolution following the American by just 13 years. A comparison/contrast American and French Revolution essay is always a good topic, and there is a great deal of research to be found on this topic. Another possible topic is a cause-effect essay, establishing a relationship between the American Revolution as a cause of the French one. Gain, there is a lot of resource material available on this as well.

It’s kind of interesting to look further into the America Revolution in great depth than you did in high school. However, if you are not a big fan of history, you may not find the topics very compelling. If not, has historians who love topics such as these.

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