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Strategies for Writing an Animal Testing Essay

September 28, 2015 - Posted to How to: Essay writing tips
Strategies for Writing an Animal Testing Essay

Animal Testing Essay

Animal testing is performed to test the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals, medical treatments, foods, cosmetics, and even household cleaners. For some, the idea of using animals for any kind of testing, no matter the benefits gleaned from the results, is absolutely appalling. Others feel as if there are animal testing pros and cons. The people in the first group usually believe that animal testing should be banished all together. The people in the second group usually believe that some testing for legitimate medical purposes should be allowed, but also believe that it should be regulated in order to make the testing process as cruelty free as possible. Both groups find common ground in that they both tend to believe that testing cosmetics and household products is a bad thing. A third smaller group feels that any and all animal testing is okay as long as humans benefit. This leads us to the reason why animal testing essays are so popular. It is a hot button issue that generates a lot of interesting conversation. It is also extremely relevant these days due to medical advances that are being made. If you are writing an essay about animal testing, you need a good topic, reliable sources, and a willingness to be objective.

Use Sources that are Full of Facts

Anytime you are writing about a controversial topic such as animal testing, you must take great care to find sources that have accurate information. Sadly, much of the information available about using animals in testing is inaccurate. This is true for sources on all sides of this issue. You should try to find at least two sources for each fact that you find on this topic, or try to locate the original study or report that is referenced. If you do this, you will know that you have found reliable information.

Think of a Great Essay Topic

Whether you are for or against animal testing, you need an essay topic that will make writing interesting for you, and reading your paper interesting for your instructor and peers. If you are having a hard time finding an essay topic, don't worry. Here is a list of several essay questions, prompts, and ideas that you can use when you begin writing your essay:

  • Do some research on cruelty free products. Do all these products live up to their claims?
  • Are medical advances worth the suffering animals may go through while medical products and treatments are tested?
  • Have those who are against animal testing gone too far in some of their animal rights campaigns?
  • Answer the question, why is animal testing bad.
  • Should there be more laws regulating the testing of animals?
  • What are some reliable alternatives to animal testing? Why aren't more laboratories using these methods?
  • How can corporations be convinced to stop unnecessary animal tests?
  • Write a persuasive essay convincing those that are against all animal testing that some medical testing is worthwhile.

Be Objective

While it is perfectly fine to have an opinion, and to articulate that opinion in your essay, be careful to maintain some objectivity. This means fairly considering all sides of the issue, and using sources that are factual, not sources that solely support your point of view.

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