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Writing Product Reviews

Writing Product Review Content

Most consumers do not take the time to write product or service reviews and when they are directly solicited by the company. They don’t really want to take the time. However, if a customer is unhappy with a product or service, s/he is much more likely to write a review, and it won’t be a good thing!

Business owners try to counter bad reviews by writing good ones, trying to sound like customers. This rarely works, because the good reviews all “sound” as if they were written by the same person. Some even try to get family members to write them as well, but, again, they are using the same styles and language, and everything looks quite “fake.”

You Do Need Good Reviews!

Today there are websites that exist to publish reviews on business establishments, both brick and mortar and web-based. Just “Google” a restaurant in your town, and you will find the sites that publish reviews of them. And competitors who want to try to get an “edge” will write bad reviews all the time.

You do need to counter these reviews, but not by yourself. You need to use a team of third-party reviewers to write those reviews – a team like the one that exists at When you submit an order for product or service reviews with us, we turn that request over to our team. They pull up your site or google your business and get all the details of what your offer. They then write favorable reviews to be published on review sites. All of this is done in full confidentiality, and the reviews are set on a schedule or progressive publishing. When you want more, you simply let us know!

Getting those great reviews is easy and quite affordable when you use!


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