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Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The presentation on restructuring is noteworthy. Today’s environment accords us change as the only constant variable. While most companies are in the process of expanding through mergers and acquisitions to create a larger footing in the market by offering a range of different goods and services, other companies are experiencing a decline in performance as a result of bad management policies. The dynamic nature of economics plays a significant role in the success or downfall of a company. Thus, a business manager needs to observe the market keenly for signs of troubled times. Troubled times include a product that is performing poorly, an oversized workforce that is a burden to an organization of a financial obligation that a company is struggling to settle. These are the factors that may lead a company to lose its competitive edge. Eventually, an organization falls on the market if it is not lucky enough to be taken over by another that is performing well. Companies that do not change with time are faced with the possibility of obsolesces. As a result of all this, companies are forced to venture into new markets or product lines in order to generate more sales, optimize capacity, and cut off sections that do not have value any longer to enhance their critical competencies. All these efforts need restructuring. A good example is a company needing to increase its reach to other markets. It will need to have a change in the profile of its staff in order to connect well with its customers. Furthermore, it incorporates changes in policies to enable it to comply with international regulations. Initiating a new product will require a change of operation mode of a company, such as acquiring the services of experts and the reduction of staff. Thus restructuring is a concept that assists companies in handling resistance to new frontiers.

I would want to see more of leadership “Good to Great”. Leadership is what drives a company towards profitability or loss. A business manager is a leader the ability of whom to steer a company to greatness depends on the qualities developed through the various experiences encountered. An organization’s success depends on a business manager’s competency. To be successful, s/he must be able to organize the factors of production effectively in a manner that ensures beneficial returns. The idea that there are various categories of leadership is an important phenomenon for understanding the business operations. This might explain why some companies perform better than others in the market. Managers have the responsibility to generate value that is the determined capacity to meet goals and objectives of an organization. Key among those goals is to be a competent and reliable leader. This needs time and a schedule if companies desire to improve their performance. Managers are commonly expected to exhibit a set of skills particularly in small firms. This is an enormous task and once in while administrators fail. Thus, managers require professional development in order to succeed in completing his/her tasks.

I consider Parag Khanna an important speaker. During a presentation last year at which he presented a paper on world business form, he confirmed that the economy of the world had slowed down causing economists to question the role of globalization. However, he states that the world was entering a new phase of opportunity. Thus, it is not possible to ignore the role of globalization. He believes that as a result of globalization, any company can reach an international market. The present wave of globalization has been inspired by mechanisms that enabled opening up of markets locally and worldwide. Governments have, through consultations, generated reductions in policies that were barriers to trade thereby establishing agreements.

My recommendation is that there are more speakers from the industry with a global perspective. A presentation from an individual with the experience in running a business or one proficient in handling the issues of business management would be a great learning opportunity. Such experience would broaden one’s mind and perspective.

The presentation that links material learned in class to current market phenomenon would be a good transition from classwork to global economic issues. It would be important if students were given an opportunity to attend forums and workshops at which issues related to what is learnt in class are being discussed. Such activities aim at giving them a bearing to where the world is and where it is headed economically. Moreover, class presentations by students are a good way to instill learning. Students are given a research topic to work on in groups. They are given a timeline to study and finally present their works in class.

It is understood that students will remember better and have a grasp of business strategy issues, such as globalization when they research on it and read about it. Class presentation projects would impart more knowledge as a student will have a sense of ownerships of the project. This will help build a team spirit that is necessary in the business world. Case studies present a real world simulation to the reader that requires them to analyze a situation and think critically about the issue at hand. This in turn elicits thinking in them and provokes a class discussion. Students will be prompted to present their views on the matter that will instill creativity and problem-solving skills.



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