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Dissertation Chapter - Results

Your study is Complete

You have gathered your data. Now it is time to present all of it in a clear, scholarly manner, and demonstrate that the results are significant enough to answer your research question.

Several Challenges

  1. First, you must collate and organize your data so that it may be presented clearly and succinctly. You will need graphical representations of that data along with a perfectly written prose.
  2. You need to be certain that you only include those results that relate specifically to your research question and to the points that you enumerated I your literature review
  3. Your statistical analysis must use the correct formulae, in order to show a significance, and, again, it must be presented in very clear graphics and prose.

Student who struggle with their results chapters usually do so because of the difficulty synthesizing the data and then, of course running the statistical analysis.

Other difficulties relate to design of figures, charts, and tables to show data and analysis results.

Still other difficulties may be experienced as the prose is constructed.

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