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Problems Research

Problem Research

Most of us think that math problems all have solutions, and that the math student simply needs to learn the concepts and skills required to solve them. It is unsettling to think that there are problems for which there are no solutions – that happens in other fields of study, not math! Of course, if you are in the middle of your graduate math research project, perhaps for your Ph.D., you can certainly tell them all differently. Because in your field of study, there are quite a number of problems that have not been solved, and you have selected one of them for your culminating project.

Your Research is Similar to that in Other Fields

You would probably tell them that your project will entail much of the same work that anyone else does for a dissertation. You have to determine the problem that you will research, complete a thorough literature review to determine what every other mathematician has done in an attempt to solve the problem, and then come up with a potential solution that you will then test. The difference in your work is that you may indeed not find the problem solution. What you will do, however, is contribute to the body of work that already exists relative to this problem, so that future researchers will have it to review.

You Also Experience Issues

And just like others who are working on their dissertations, you too can reach points at which you need help. When you do, you can take a reasonable course of action and contact for help, just as they do.

We Have Ph.D. Mathematicians

Most academic writing companies do not serve students who are working on theses and dissertations, and most do not serve graduate level mathematics students, because Ph.D.’s in this field are so hard to find. We have found them, however, and they love to work on problem research with students like you.

Get a personal math consultant from us, and the two of you can collaborate on your problem research, ultimately producing a scholarly piece that will certainly result in that committee approval and that degree!


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