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Press Release Writings

Why Business Needs Press Release

Businesses need press releases for a variety of reasons – to introduce a new product or service, to announce a collaboration, or to present a new partnership. These pieces of journalistic writing are usually produced by a specific department if the company is large enough to have PR people on staff. For the small business owner with a web presence, however, such staff is not usually on staff.

Press releases have to be crafted according to very strict guidelines and then submitted to media news outlets for acceptance. Many are not accepted, however, because they do not meet the standard of news or composition that is required. Journalists are True Experts

The journalism staff that we employ are all professional journalists who have degrees and significant experience in writing articles and press releases. They engage in continuing professional development as well, so that they remain current on all of the news trends and techniques, particularly as they relate to internet-based news outlets.

If you have the need for a press release, you need to contact us with all of the details. We will assign the perfect journalist to the task, and s/he will both create the release itself and then distribute it to all appropriate media outlets.

A Record of Success

We have an outstanding record of success in getting press releases accepted by major news outlets. If you want the best press release in the business, you need to use – we get the job done right!  Just access our order form, submit your request and a journalist will be in contact right away.


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