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Math Optimization

Optimization is a rapidly growing mathematical field that is now moving into many other fields of study besides math. Because of the real-world applications of optimization, students of business, engineering, science, economics, and other fields are now facing optimization assignments. Basically, the idea is not difficult – finding several optional solutions for a problem and then selecting the one that is the best of the problem to be solved. As always, however, the “devil is in the details.”

Instructors, in giving out these assignments, will usually stipulate how many options they want students to devise and may also stipulate which algorithms they want used. For math students who are in upper level coursework, this will not be a problem. For students in other programs, some of the algorithms might as well be in ancient Egyptian. They are then faced with finding some tutoring help, because they have two issues:

  1. They have the immediate problems to solve and a deadline to meet
  2. They need to understand the algorithms so that they can use them in the future

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