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Dissertation Chapter - Methodology

Dissertation Chapter – Methodology

This chapter provides an extremely detailed explanation of the research design you have chosen to address your question. It has to be thorough and include the following:

  1. A summary of the methodology you have chosen
  2. A justification of that methodology as the best for your research question
  3. An inclusion of the instruments you intend to use to gather your data

Getting the Details Right

One of the biggest issues with the methods chapter is being certain that every detail is included and very clear – after all, someone may want to replicate your study in the future. You will need to outline the following:

  1. Your experimental and control groups if you have them
  2. Your population sampling if you are not using experimental and control groups and your methods for ensuring that your sampling is representative of the entire population
  3. The treatment details – this must include all of the instruments you plan to use, or the interventions you plan to implement to determine impacts on the sampling or experimental group.
  4. An explanation of the potential constraints and nuisance factors and how you intend to account for them in your study and in the results.

A Big Undertaking

Your methods chapter has to be right. If it is not, the rest of your study s impacted negatively and your work will never be approved by your committee.

Don’t take chances with this critical chapter. Run everything by a personal Ph.D. consultant from and ensure that it meets the highest standards for scholarly research.

Your use of will always be confidential and will always result in the finest research and writing available. Your consultant will see to it that your methods chapter is perfect!


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