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Making Article Critiques

Writing an Article Critique

One way students can develop better writing skills is by analyzing things that other people have written. The article critique is one assignment where students can do just that. In addition to this an article critique also provides information to other people about whether or not the article will be useful to them. Finally, when an author reads a critique of an article that they have written, they gain a better understanding of what another person found valuable, what they didn’t approve of, and why. Writing an article critique begins with setting some criteria. This is what will be used to analyze the article and write the critique.

Some criteria may be:

  • Factual accuracy
  • Whether or not the sources are objective
  • Relevance
  • The validity of the author’s methods
  • Any issues with the author’s effectiveness in communicating their point
  • Whether or not the readers will find practical uses for the information in the article
  • New information that has been provided

Once your criteria has been established, you have standards by which you can write your critique. This adds credibility to your writing, because your readers can refer back to your criteria and understand why you are expressing praise or criticism. It will also help the author of the article to understand where you are coming from.

Article Critique Help

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