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Finding Proofs

Proof-Finding in College Geometry Courses May be Drowning You

You knew college geometry courses were going to be tough, but you excelled in the two AP geometry courses you took in high school, and you thought you were well-prepared. Now, however, you are in the midst of a couple of college geometry courses that are testing you to the limit. The proofs are running on for pages, you are not seeing the sequence of steps, and you are wondering how you will ever get these proofs done not just in time but correctly. Have you missed a step somewhere? Is there an axiom you have forgotten that should be used? Is there a prior proof you can’t remember that would somehow help you with this new one?

You have checked your notes; you have gone over the proofs that led up to these; and yet the solution is still not coming! What else can you do?

You Can Contact Right Now

Don’t stress another minute over these proofs, when you do not have to. We have geometry specialists who have had the courses you are now taking and who work on these proofs every day for students in the same situation you find yourself in right now. If you will just let us know what courses you are in, what proofs you need, and when you need them, we will take care of everything else.

Here is What Will Happen

  1. You will complete our order form and send us the proofs you need.
  2. We will get one of our geometry experts on the task immediately
  3. You will have your proofs when you need them – all completed step-by-step – so that you can see the sequences and review them yourself before you turn the assignments in.

Geometry can be tough at times, but it doesn’t have to be tough for you, if you know that expert assistance is yours for the asking!


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