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Dissertation/Thesis proposal

Proposal Accepted!

Work on your thesis or dissertation cannot formally begin until your proposal has been accepted by your advisor and/or committee. And these people can be really picky about organization, sequence of content, and writing style, not to mention taking issue with you project itself. And because this is the first time you have written a proposal of this type, you may not get it right the first time. Then you are facing re-writes until it is finally acceptable – it can be frustrating, to be sure!

Getting it Right the First Time

Don’t listen to the “horror stories” of others who tell you about all of the times they had to re-write their proposals. Take some up-front action and get some expert help from a Ph.D. in your field who has helped students write successful proposals and can help you now. It will contain all of the elements you require – research question, preliminary research summary, objectives, justifications for your research, summary of your research design, what you hope to show, and your timeline for completion of each chapter – and it will be beautifully written and in accordance with your departmental requirements for structure and sequence.

What You Can Do Today!

Contact us – chat, email or call – day or night. We will ask you for the details of your research so that we can assign the perfect Ph.D. to your project. You will have that Ph.D. within hours, and s/he will then communicate with your directly, so that you can upload what you have done thus far, your department requirements, etc. Your consultant will send you drafts of your proposal until you have one that really “pops” for you.

Time’s a’wastin’! Get on this today!


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