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Dissertation Chapter - Discussion

Your discussion chapter will have 4 sections

Each devoted to a part of the wrapping up you must do.

  1. Your first section will provide a solid interpretation of the results.
  2. You will then provide the answer to your research question
  3. The third section will give a justification of the significance of the work you have accomplished.
  4. The final section will evaluate the importance of your study to your field and make recommendations for future research

Now for a few important points:

  1. Use the present tense for this chapter
  2. All of your elements in the conclusion must relate back to a point made in your literature review
  3. This chapter requires excellent organization – be sure to make at least a cursory outline before you begin to write.

Your Committee Will be Very Concerned with this Chapter

Really, this is the culminating feature of your entire work, and the committee will focus in on it, to ensure that all of the points you have made are valid and justified by the research you have done. If they are not fully happy, they will request a re-write, and that you want to avoid at all costs.

Getting Expert Advice is Just Smart

Don’t leave this chapter if you have any concerns about it at all. If, in your gut, you feel that it is not quite right, then march right on over to and get yourself a finale review and edit from a Ph.D. pro in your research field. S/he has read and written many discussion chapters before and knows exactly what your committee wants. When s/he finishes the edit, it will be absolutely perfect!

Don’t let this last chapter stall your victory – we can get you there!


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