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Developing Website Reviews

Developing Website Review Content

One of the newer phenomenon to grace the Internet with its presence is the inception of website review sites. Experienced professional reviewers set up a site for a specific business niche, and then conduct a thorough review of websites in that niche. They comment on the design, the content, the products and services offered, the compatibility of the site with mobile devices, the use of media, the blog platform, etc. Business owners who have great sites often invite the reviewer to visit and provide a review. At other times, independent reviewers will be contacted to provide a website review for a number for purposes:

  1. To receive professional feedback on the design and content, along with suggestions for changes
  2. To receive suggestions to improve navigation, to update the menu to something more attractive and contemporary, and to test the compatibility of the site with all mobile devices
  3. To test load time (if a site does not load in 3 seconds, chances are high that a potential visitor will go elsewhere
  4.  To generate an analysis of page visitation, length of time on a page, and where visitors typically leave. This information can be used to enhance each page.

All of these elements of a website review can result in changes that will remove “snags,” actually promote better traffic and keep visitors on your site longer. has Professional and Experienced Website Reviewers

You should have a professional review your website every year at a minimum. This keeps it current with the latest in design, media, and other new elements that improve visitor experience. If you do this, you will have a wonderfully updated site that will also receive rave reviews when a site reviewer comes to call.

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