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Creating LinkedIn Pro Bios

Your Presence on LinkedIn is no Longer Optional

We realize that social media is intimidating to many people. However, at this point, a person who lacks a profile on LinkedIn is almost in the same position as a person who doesn’t have an email address. They are missing out on so many opportunities to communicate and interact with peers, co-workers, business associates, potential employers, and potential clients. Of course this doesn’t mean that there is no reason for concern. As with any social media outlet, there are plenty of ways that one can do things wrong. These mistakes can be relatively benign, or they can cause a lot of embarrassment and have career related consequences. That doesn’t mean that you should stay away from LinkedIn. It just means that you should engage the assistance of a professional to help you create your profile and get you started.

Professional LinkedIn Profile Assistance

We have consultants at who will help you set up your profile. They will consult with you to learn about your experience, what value you can bring to other people on LinkedIn, and the kind of people you may wish to link in with after you become active on LinkedIn. They will use this information to create a profile for you that is both professional and inviting. This is the information that others on LinkedIn will see about you first. Once your profile is finished, you will be able to network with others and they will be able to network with you.

Getting Help

If you are ready to proceed, you simply need to fill out an order form. After that, your consultant will be in touch.


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