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Calculation Problems

Calculation Problems – Tortures from “Evil” Professors!

If you are currently enrolled in college calculus or any applied math course, you understand the title of this page. It seems that your professors take particular delight in assigning horribly complex calculation problems and then watching, with some amount of pleasure, as you struggle, become overwhelmed, and find yourself drowning in a sea of numbers and equations.

The problem with these high level calculation problems is that there are so many steps, and so many opportunities to make careless mistakes, that you may get pages into a calculation before you realize that some mistake you made earlier is preventing you from arriving at the correct answer. By the time this has happened more than once, you are ready to admit defeat and call it quits. And you classmates appear to be at the same point as you.

Beat that Professor at His Own Game

You don’t have to settle for defeat. How about surprising that professor with a perfect calculation and the correct solution? You can do that if you will just turn to for help from one of our math whizzes! Yes, we do have math experts with graduate degrees whose job it is to help students like you with calculation problems. They understand your frustrations, and they also know that this has nothing to do with your intelligence. It has everything to do with the complexity of the problems and the multiple opportunities there are for errors.

What Your Help Will Look Like

Your personally-assigned math expert will get to work immediately. In most instances, s/he will want to see the work that you have accomplished thus far, so that it can be reviewed to find exactly where your error(s) occurred. Only in this way, can you get not just the solution, but an explanation of your error(s), so that you know better next time. And all of this will be accomplished in plenty of time for you to review and study the solution and get it submitted on time – big score for you!

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