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Writing Lab Reports

A lab report is a piece of writing that documents what happens before, during and after a lab experiment. Since most degrees require at least one class with a lab requirement, most students will be asked to write at least a few lab reports. Lab reports can serve as excellent vehicles for teaching inexperienced science students about basic science methods. For more advanced students, they serve as a way to guarantee that the scientific process is adequately documented. Here are a few things that instructors are concerned about when they review lab reports.

  • That safety protocols were followed
  • What materials and equipment were utilized
  • The steps the students took while performing the experiment
  • The results (actual and predicted)
  • Any problems or unexpected results.

Your grade level and experience will determine the expectations that your instructors have for you when it comes to your lab report. Are you running a lab or conducting your own experiment, or are you in a first year class where the work you are doing is largely supervised?

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