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Analyzing Case Study

The Case Study Analysis Process

If you are beginning work on a case study analysis, you should prepare to spend a lot of time working through some very complex and tedious steps. Here are a few of the steps that will be a part of your analysis.

  • Problem selection
  • Selecting a case for analysis or choosing an analyzed case to research.
  • Studying of similar cases
  • Research
  • Identifying possible solutions or studying applied solutions
  • Application of solutions
  • Analysis of results

A case study is something that is set up to allow people to analyze a real world issue and test solutions to those issues. One of these could be a business case. In the event that a student is analyzing a business case, they will be working with a case that a business entity has already identified and applied a possible solution. Their job will be to analyze by creating an efficiency analysis, explaining the solution used, and comparing that solution to those applied by other businesses.

In other cases, you will be identifying and analyzing your own case study. This will include defining the problem, interviewing the case subject(s) and making a plan for a problem solution. Your risk in these cases is finding out that your case does not actually fit in with your research needs, or that you won’t run into issues with cooperation when it comes to application of the solution.

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