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Ray Walles

Ray Walles


My name is Ray and I am writing this brief, life history of me from a little rental cottage in the Florida Keys. Let's get the basics taken care of first. I'm 31 years old. I was born in San Diego, but I was a Navy brat and moved all over the world as a kid. I graduated from the University of Washington in 2009 with a Masters degree in Marine Affairs. What this means is that I took a lot of classes related to biology, marine life, environmental science, social science and public policy classes.


After I graduated, I worked for a non-profit agency advocating for individuals and small business owners whose lives were negatively impacted by oil spills and other marine related environmental disasters. It was during this time that I received my first writing assignment. I wrote a series of articles that were distributed to government officials in coastal towns. The articles provided information on the steps local governments could take to assist displaced workers. The work that I did on those articles had a direct and positive impact on dozens of families. I was hooked on writing from that point on. Today I work as a freelance writer and environmental blogger.


One of the great things about freelancing is that I'm not chained to a desk. This leaves me free to pursue my passions which are volunteering with marine based volunteer organizations, traveling, and playing ultimate frisbee. Today I'm in the Florida Keys, but I'll be headed to Thailand in three days. I'll stay there for a month or so. I don't like to do too much planning in advance. I'll eat a lot of great food while I'm there, and I'm going to help a few schools add ultimate frisbee to their physical education curriculum. Of course, I'll get tons of writing done in the evenings while I relax on the beach. After that, I'm off to help some community volunteers in Missouri pull trash out of three miles of river bed. 

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